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The Power of Mentorship by David C Sandvig III

The Power of Mentorship In today's age, there is no such thing as a “self-made” person anymore. We are more connected than ever with the technology at our disposal. Throughout our lives there have been so many people who have helped us succeed whether it was a family member, friend, teacher, boss, co-worker, the list goes on. Having a mentor is so important because there are so many people out there who have achieved the things that you and I want to achieve. Wouldn't you want to learn from someone who can show you the way to success? Don’t you think they can help you avoid some of the mistakes they made? I can not stress the importance of having a mentor enough. There is no way I would be where I am today if it was not for my mentor.

Back in high school, I was selling kitchen knives, and I ended up selling a set of knives to one of my friends’ dad. A few months later when I was a freshman in college, my friend’s dad called me and wanted me to come to sell insurance for him at his agency. He took me under his wing and mentored me while I was working for him. After being at his agency for over two years and learning every step of the way I ended up buying the business. He would give me books to read, videos to watch, events to attend, and I soaked all of it up. For mentorship to work, you must be open to growth. Without an open mind, you will never fully take advantage of the opportunity to grow as a person and professional. If your boss is not your mentor, you have the wrong boss.

Finding a mentor is not as difficult as it sounds. However, there are a few key things you must keep in mind. I would never under any circumstance pay someone to be my mentor. You don't pay your priest to be your spiritual guide, and your priest wants to help guide you to a better spiritual life because it is his life mission to do so. I would get into a business where your success is beneficial to whoever is above you; that gives them an incentive to help you be your best. As a business owner, I want my salespeople to be performing at their absolute best, so I am going to help them in any way possible. Again, do not pay someone to be your mentor. You are not for sale.

There are so many “influencers” you can follow on social media that put out tremendous amounts of amazing free content. At the end of this article, I will name my favorite people to follow. On the topic of following, you need to be extremely careful about who you follow and subscribe to on social media. You wouldn't eat garbage so don't feed your brain garbage. All of those funny meme accounts seem harmless but have you stopped and realized how many memes you see about procrastination, depression, anxiety, laziness, etc. Don't feed your brain all of that crap. Replace those meme accounts with motivational accounts. Think about what that would do to your subconscious. Almost instantly you will start approaching problems with optimism and have an overall more positive attitude. Feed yourself powerful positivity.

Do not limit yourself to one mentor. I highly suggest you have a mentor for every aspect of your life. If you want help with business or sales, find someone who specializes in that field and make sure they are credible. I wouldn't hire a personal trainer who is out of shape, and you wouldn't get financial advice from someone who is broke. I have a mentor for my insurance business, my real estate business, my fitness, my spiritual life, and my finances. Make sure you get the best advice for each aspect of your life.

David C Sandvig III

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