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March Member Spotlight

YPC Member: Benard Teko

  • Where are you from?
    • I am from East Moline, IL and have been living in Chicago for 8 months.
  • Where do you work?
    • BMO Financial Group
  • What is your position?
    • Valuations  Analyst
  • Why did you become a member of YPC?
    • Get more involved in the community, embrace leadership opportunities as well as meet other people.
  • What do you believe is the most important issue facing the Chicago business community?
    • This probably does not merit being the most important issue facing the Chicago business community.  Perhaps it is an issue everywhere.  Based on what I have observed, I think because of how occupied people are, it is really hard for them to find time out of work to be active.  We all need to be a little activity to live longer and prevent health issues.  Additionally, being active can give the mind a break to be more alert.  I wish there was a way we can alleviate this challenge for workers to encourage them to be more active (bonuses, more PTO, some sort of incentive).
  • What is your favorite song?
    • Favorites vary.  Right now, “81” by Yo Gotti.
  • What is your favorite activity to do in Chicago?
    • Spending time with friends trying new things enjoying this precious life that we have.

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